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Gaming Business Association asks everybody concerned with maintaining of civilized gaming business in Russia for cooperation

The program of ADIB (Gaming Business Association)

ADIB (Gaming Business Association) is the oldest, public association of businessmen of a gaming based in 1992.

ADIB has been a member of the European organization of game since 1997. The association has been created for coordination of activity of the enterprises of a gaming, and also representation and protection of the general property interests. It unites representatives of various directions of activity on the organization and carrying out gamings and bets: owners and operators of casino, halls of slot machines, totalizators and bookmakers, manufacturers and suppliers of the gaming and entertaining gaming equipment. The association comes for carrying out the logical and economically proved state policy in a field of activity on the organization and carrying out of gamings and bets in Russia.

The association welcomes the steps directed on perfection of system of the state control and management of the industry of gamings and bet. ADIB always comes for development and acceptance of precise, clear, common and obligatory for everyone rules.

The association is ready to represent and protect, as before, interests of the enterprises of gaming industry, all responsible participants of the industry of gamings and bets in spite of their sizes and work experience.

The association sets it folowing tasks in the field of development of the Russian gaming.

1. Development and strengthening of the civilized forms of gaming

ADIB considers gaming as the important component of powerful, developing show business. Members of ADIB realize that a gaming is a specific kind of enterprise activity which directly deals with the person, giving them an opportunity to satisfy the certain needs of a human nature. It is a reason of raised public «sensitivity» to this business and necessity of representatives comprehension of their social responsibility. ADIB proceeds from the fact that representatives of gaming industry should meet the rigid criteria adopded in the civilized world: law-abiding, honesty, a transparency. ADIB comes for development of a gaming in the civilized way, will resolutely resist any attempts of oversteping the limits of a legal field. The association is ready to take part in work on certification of gaming halls and personnel certification and on control over their conformity to qualifing standarts

2. Fair and optimal legislative regulation.

Dynamical development of a gaming in Russia demands the urgent decision of an issue on formation of its strong legal base. ADIB always comes for the fact that activity on the organization and carrying out of gamings and bets in The Russian Federation requires a special Federal law. Only such law can become a basis of development of the gaming industry in the country as a whole and in separate regions. The association will take an active part in development of a Federal Law, apropriate for business, the state, society, reflecting all modern features of the market.

3. Fair and reasonable taxation

ADIB recognizes that the fair and reasonable taxation is one of the major conditions to forward development of the industry. The existing order of the taxation of organizers of gaming halls give raise to fair criticizm from businessmen and tax bodies.

The uncertain situation develops in course of distribution of gaming tax proceeds and also in establishment of tax rates in territory of Russia.

ADIB is ready to undertake development of amendments to chapter 29 of IRC of the The Russian Federation, development of methodology of changing of the order of gaming tax collection in the territory of The Russian Federation and to present economic substantiations on the given innovations.

Taking into account civil responsibility of business, the association will continue to carry out the charitable actions directed on rendering assistance to poor people, orphants and veterans. ADIB suggests to give social status to the tax on gaming and to distribute tax proceeds to social needs and also to accept the Federal social program or to create Funds of sponsoring of social expenses in each of regions and to deduct 20 % of a gaming tax proceeds to Funds of social or pensions provision or to Funds of co-financing of social expenses.

4. Logical, clear and fair licensing of activity on the organization and carrying out of gamings and bets.

Civilized development of a gaming assumes a full transparency and clearness in such important question, as licensing. In connection with coming into force of new reduction of the Federal Law «About licensing of separate kinds of activity» an acceptance of the governmental regulation the order of licensing of three kinds of the activity connected with gaming is required in the near future.

ADIB considers, that division of licensing of gaming activity by kinds is not equitable to interests of development of the industry. At the same time, in view of really developed situation it we find it necessary to accelerate preparation of the normative documents adjusting activity on manufacture and realization of the special game equipment, activity on the organization and carrying out of gamings and (or) bets, including with use of game tables and other game equipment, in premises of a casino (activity of casino), activity on the organization and carrying out of gamings and (or) bets, including ones with use of the game equipment (except such ones with use of game tables), tendering all necessary economic and financial calculations, analytical materials and statistical data.

5. Support of the domestic manufacturer of the gaming equipment by adopting the special State program.

Today manufacturing and sale of the equipment used in a gaming, has turned to the independent, well developed branch of economic activities. Production of the domestic companies falls to the increasing share in operation of the gaming equipment in Russia.

ADIB proposes to set the state program of support of the domestic manufacturer. Realization of such program will allow to reach following strategically important purposes:

Domestic manufacturers of gaming technics will bring more powerful contribution to doubling of gross national product.

Ordering of activity on manufacture and operation of game technics will take place in territory of the The Russian Federation.

Fair diligent business dealing by operators (organizers) of gaming halls will be guaranteed to users of gaming technics (to participants of gamings and bets).

Quality of the services rendered by the exploitation companies will be increased.

ADIB is ready to develop all necessary documents for implementiong of the given program in territory of the The Russian Federation.

6. Teaching and educational work and rendering of legal aid.

ADIB is ready to assume carring out the educational work directed on improvement of professional skills of employees of gaming halls, imparting of the civilized forms of the work meeting the world standards among organizers and workers of gaming halls.

Legal service of ADIB is ready to render necessary legal support to members of the Association and other businessmen in case of occurrence of legal conflicts and to consult on the questions concerning legal security of their business.

7. Educational work on problems of gaming

ADIB considers a gaming as one of components of the show business, as the civilized and legitimate kind of enterprise activity. The Association resolutely opposes any attempts to give an estimate of uncontrollable, criminal and antisocial activity to a gaming.

ADIB resolutely opposes artificial exageration of so-called problem of gaming mania. Only scientifically proved, confirmed by investigations of leading domestic and foreign figures of medicine, culture and philosophy data can give answers to questions, concerning gravity of such disease, as a pathological addiction to gaming. The public relations service of ADIB will carry out educational work in a society telling the truth about gaming, gaming and bets industry via mass-media and other sources.

8. Development and strengthening of traditions of the Russian gaming

A gaming of the new Russia which revived in the end of 80th years of the last century, stays in the second decade of it's history. For this time there has been a generation of the vigorous and enterprising people who devote themselves to the affair of development of the Russian industry of game, the pleaid of socially significant businessmen who have brought defining contribution to formation civilized gaming of in our country has grown up

ADIB establishes informal club of elders of a gaming in which suggests to include all executive representatives of the industry of gamings and bets which have faultless reputation and have successfully worked in this business more then 10 years. Taking to the club is a sign of recognition of merits of these outstanding figures. Work of the Club will promote development of a gaming of Russia and strengthening of its best traditions.

9 Dialogue of authority, business and the Society is being formed on the basis of public organization.

ADIB is ready to undertake functions of representatives of a gaming in dialogue with authority and a society.

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